Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Concrete or Steel – On-Site production or Pre-Cast:
With labour and material cost constantly increasing during the current construction boom in North America, it is vital for construction project owners to ensure they deal with reputable and reliable builders that can deliver the desired quality within set time schedules.

A commercial or industrial building is a long term investment and should be designed and constructed in such a way that it will generate many years of hassle free use or rental income. A well-built structure ultimately reduces maintenance and repairs which contributes to the owner’s bottom line, while an on-time delivery guarantees a quicker ROI for Developers and Land Lords.

At KRIDWORX we are committed from the start to make time lines happen. Our qualified and experienced foremen and site supervisors will ensure projects are executed according Plan in the quickest and safest manner, providing owners with a building they can be proud of.

Our ability to offer on-site and pre-cast construction, or a combination, gives us the opportunity to reduce building time and finish projects ahead of schedule.

KRIDWORX takes on projects with concrete work for the following types of buildings, no project too big or too small:

  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Office Blocks
  • Community Halls
  • Strip Malls
  • Agricultural Barns
  • Parkades
  • Mini Storage
  • Retaining Walls

Typical scope of work includes: Foundation Footings and Walls, Slab-On-Grade, Suspended Slab, Tilt Panel construction (on site or pre-cast), Walk Ways, Retaining Walls, Installation of Sound Barriers.

The company also does installation and erection of steel buildings after Foundations and Slab-On-Grade. KRIDWORX is working with many steel manufacturing businesses and can offer complete steel building packages, including specialised insulated Wall Panel solutions.

A complete project management solution can be offered, or a combination as General Contractor for Site Safety management as well.

Industrial Buildings - Construction Projects Management
Industrial Buildings - Construction Projects Management
Industrial Buildings - Construction Projects Management
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